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  • New trend in eyewear industry

    The eyewear industry has been evolving rapidly over the past few years, with significant advancements in technology and materials used in manufacturing glasses. Some of the trends and innovations that have emerged in recent years include:Smart Glasses: With the integration of technology like augmented reality, voice recognition, and gesture control, smart glasses are gaining popularity among consumers. These glasses can perform a wide range of functions such as taking pictures, making phone call

  • What kind of contact lenses should I wear so that my eyes don

    Many people feel dry eyes after wearing contact lenses, what kind of contact lenses do you wear that don't dry your eyes easily?  In fact, there are few people who experience dry eyes after wearing contact lenses. Since the lenses of contact lenses contain water, when the water in the lenses evaporates, it will need to replenish the water content of the lenses by absorbing tears, so it will lead to dry eyes. Therefore, to avoid the dry eyes that can occur when wearing contact lenses, you can choose contact lenses with a lower water content.  Low water content contact lenses are less likely to evaporate and absorb tears, so your eyes won't be prone to dry eyes. With that said, it is important to mention that many people are now very fond of high water content contact lenses because they are more comfortable and oxygen permeable.

  • How to read optometry?

    First, read the optometry order When dispensing glasses, all will go through the optometry process, LOHO glasses life to implement the strict Hong Kong-style 21-step optometry process. The optometrist correctly checks the myopia, astigmatism and other relevant parameters of the myopic patient, and fills out the optometry order. The prescription will be sent to the processing* with the frames and lenses selected by the customer, and will be assembled strictly according to the parameters on the prescription and tested several times.  1, the common terminology used in optometry (1) pupillary distance (PD): the horizontal distance between the two points of the pupil of the left and right eye *, the general optometry PD without special remarks that both eyes look far pupillary distance. Generally use the English letter abbreviation "PD" to express, the unit is millimeter (mm).  (2) spherical lens (SPH): nearsightedness, farsightedness and the degree of old light. SPH is "-", the table

  • How to convert eyeglass prescriptions

     The conversion of contact lens prescription and optometry prescription 1, the prescription of optometry is the prescription of frame lenses, contact lenses are different, the distance between the rear vertex of the frame lens and the cornea, yellow is about 12 mm. Conversion formula: Fo = Fs / (1 - dFs) 2, Fo - contact lens degree; Fs - frame lens optometry degree; d - the distance between the frame lens and the cornea (0.012m) 3, for example: frame lens degree is -4.00D, the distance between the frame and the contact lens is 12 mm. Then the contact lens prescription can be converted to Fo=4.00D/[1-0.012 (-4.00)]=-3.82D, which can be given as -3.75D.

  • Tips for frame maintenance

    1. Take off and wear glasses with both hands: wear glasses along the front of the bridge of your nose; forcefully wear them while holding them, easily cause deformation and loosening; 2. Avoid harsh environment: glasses in acid, alkali, high temperature and humid environment, easy to lose paint, aging and other phenomena; 3. Reasonable placement of glasses: put the legs together, first wrap the lenses with mirror cloth, then place the lenses convex side up, away from heaters, fireplaces, hot springs and other high temperature places. Avoid deformation of glasses; 4. timely maintenance of glasses: please timely wipe off the nosepiece and frame on the grease and sweat acid, which can extend the service life of glasses; 5. correct cleaning glasses: with neutral detergent (detergent, hand soap) of warm water cleaning, do not use alcohol or soap, and then use special glasses cloth wipe dry.  6. the correct repair glasses: wear a



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