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Tips for frame maintenance


1. Take off the glasses with both hands: wear the glasses along the front of the bridge of the nose; forcefully wear them while holding them, which is easy to cause deformation and loosening;

2.  avoid harsh environment: glasses in acid, alkali, high temperature and humid environment, prone to paint loss, aging and other phenomena;

3. reasonable placement of glasses: lens legs together, first wrap the lens with mirror cloth, then place the lens convex side up, away from the heating, fireplace, hot springs and other high temperature places, to avoid deformation of glasses;

4. timely maintenance of glasses: please wipe off the grease and sweat acid on the nosepiece and frame in time, so as to prolong the service life of glasses;

5. correct cleaning glasses: clean with warm water with neutral detergent (detergent, hand sanitizer), do not use alcohol or soap, and then use special glasses cloth to wipe dry.

6. correct repair glasses: after wearing for a period of time, the glasses frame propped open, flat to the plane table, such as found uneven height, then sent to the optician for free adjustment; especially with astigmatism glasses, frame such as deformation will appear unclear vision, need to be timely free adjustment.


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